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The demand for cloud migration and hybrid cloud deployment is enormous

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Hybrid cloud is the most popular cloud deployment model, accounting for 42% of cloud deployment & cloud migration strategies, according to a report by Denodo Global Cloud Survey 2020 (see more here). Hybrid Cloud is gradually becoming a ‘general’ standard for businesses.

Hybrid cloud is a solution that combines a private cloud with one or more public cloud services, with exclusive software that allows communication between each service separately. Hybrid cloud strategies provide greater flexibility for businesses by moving workloads between cloud solutions when needs and costs are volatile.

Denodo Global Cloud research in 2020 polled 252 organizations and businesses across the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East / Africa, and North America. The study found that hybrid cloud deployment accounted for 42% of surveys, followed by public cloud (18%) and private cloud (17%).

Cloud market enforced by s knowledgeable personnel

According to the questionnaires, the hybrid cloud offers the ability to diversify spending and IT skills, select features based on service provider strengths, and service recovery.

The study also mentioned one aspect of cloud application maturity based on the number of businesses operating workloads in the cloud – 78% of those questioned said they were doing so now, equivalent to a 10% increase over last year.

In addition, 90% of organizations use Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure for jobs that include migrating on-premises applications to the cloud, and 35% say they will re-architect their applications to have the most suitable cloud architecture.

The need to push to the cloud

The majority (66%) of the questioner said they were using the cloud to take advantage of analytics and BI, followed by a logical data warehouse (42%) and data science (41%).

needs to the cloud

Typical data types in the cloud

Denodo SVP and CMO Ravi Shankar said: “As the focus of data shifts to the cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud architectures are becoming the basis of data management, but the challenge of cloud data integration has almost doubled (42%)”.

cloud data

In terms of data format, 68% of the data used is structured, however unstructured data is becoming increasingly important.

The report found: Cloud Storage Services (47%) with SaaS (44%) are frequently used to maximize ease and optimize performance.

‘Motivation’ to the clouds of the business

Moreover, cloud markets are growing at extraordinary speeds and becoming more and more popular. Half (50%) among those surveyed who are taking advantage of cloud markets with pay-as-you-go utilities (how much to use) as the most popular advantage (19%), followed by the ability to deploy themselves/ the ability to minimize dependence on IT (13%) . Limiting long-term commitments also plays a certain role (6%).

cloud migration

How to move the system to the cloud

cloud migration pattern

Migrating to a new cloud infrastructure can be engaging but always full of risks and challenges. Businesses need to plan appropriately for cloud migration and carefully select the best approach, methods, technology, time, and support partners. The most common ways are re-architecting, refactoring, rehosting/lift n shift, and re-platforming.

As you can see from the two diagrams above, a third (35%) of the sample is considering restructuring their applications, which involves modernizing the entire data infrastructure.

21% chose rehosting, which may be because SMBs are trying to accelerate cloud migration in a simplified way, while 18% of q&y amuses are re-platforming, to take advantage of new computing and storage capabilities from public cloud services like AWS without making any major changes to their current application.

Data integration to the cloud

“Today, users are looking to simplify the integration of cloud data in a hybrid/multi-cloud environment without having to rely on data migration or replication, which may be why nearly 50% of the questioners said they are considering data virtualization as an important part of their cloud migration strategy,” he said.

The survey said more than 60% of respondents were concerned about the cost impact of the software in the cloud, and this was directly related to licensing management and transparency.

The remaining 30-40% are unsure whether they can easily validate the value of a cloud solution through just one concept, nor can they easily understand the impact of the system’s expansion on software copyright costs.

A quarter of the questioning will prioritize managed services (SaaS) to limit dependence on IT expertise or cloud-specific skills.

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