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Three ways cloud is improving customer experience


Cloud computing involves internet usage to offer services, tools, and applications, such as databases, networking, servers, and software.

The cloud rose to popularity in the mid-2000s and was embraced by many businesses as it diminished traditional computer-related troubles, such as the need to buy expensive hardware or software resources.

Almost two decades later, its popularity continues to see an upward trend. According to Gartner, 85% of businesses will have embraced the cloud as a significant operational resource by 2025.

And the mainstream adoption of the cloud isn’t a matter of surprise. A considerable benefit of cloud computing in many enterprises is its ability to improve customer experience (CX), especially in contact centers. If you operate one such enterprise, you

may implement a cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) solution into your business. This brings with it a variety of benefits to provide customers with the most satisfying experience possible.

1. Provides a seamless Omni-channel customer experience

You might have several different channels through which your customers can contact your business. These often include via website, email, phone calls, instant messaging, chatbots, and other apps.

The cloud can eliminate any communication gaps between these various channels by providing access from a single platform. This gets rid of the need to constantly switch from one app to another and helps to improve productivity.

You can also integrate customer relationship management (CRM) tools to analyse your communications with clients. The findings may help you formulate efficient methods to meet the needs of your clientele and enhance their experience.

If you want to set up an omnichannel contact centre in the UK, you’ll need to team up with a related CCaaS solution provider. They will sell you their services at a manageable monthly fee to help expand your customer base and increase the value of your business.

2. Reduce call waiting

A traditional call setup limits the number of calls a business phone number can take. If your business caters to hundreds of customers and several call you simultaneously then problems will arise. Waiting in a queue is likely to cause frustration and lead to a less than satisfactory experience.

You can solve this challenge by using a CCaaS solution. It has features such as better routing, automation, and artificial intelligence, which enables your employees to simultaneously handle more phone calls. This will reduce, if not eliminate, long queues and enhance CX. 

3. Interact with customers 24/7

Most of the time, clients call to ask general or routine questions. Instead of answering the same inquiries over and over again, you can have chatbots do this. These cloud-based tools can help guide your clients on what they need, especially if the typical response to the inquiry is already available on your site. 

Some chatbots even allow customization that prompts them to give answers when triggered by specific words or phrases. By doing this, your customer reps can focus on complicated tasks instead of dealing with repetitive questions. It also reduces the number of employees needed to cater to a growing customer base.

What’s more, your customers don’t have to wait for your business operating hours for them to get an answer. If you install a chatbot on your website or social media platforms, they can provide solutions to your customers from across the globe. So, even at 4:00 am, your business can still interact with clients around the world.

If they’re inquiring about what a product is and how to order it, chatbots can help them complete the transaction. As such, your clients are more likely to have an easy buying journey even without human intervention, which means more sales for you. 


There are many ways you can incorporate cloud-based solutions into your business to improve CX. One of the most important is using a cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service solution.

An omnichannel solution will especially help in providing a unified customer experience across contact channels. Your company will also enjoy significant improvements in operational efficiency. So, contact a related provider and chart the way forward for your business.